building comfortable dwellings


Residential construction requires a rapt attention to detail in design and layout. ZVI Construction specializes in luxury apartment renovations.  



apartments in a vibrant neighborhood get a luxury makeover


Located in the vibrant South End neighborhood of Boston, ZVI gave these apartments a luxury makeover. The scope of work included replacing the laminate countertops with granite, installing all new floor finishes, and creating custom closet millwork.  ZVI performed the work in an occupied apartment complex, delivering the apartments on time and on budget.



optimizing limited space for cozy luxury dwellings


Starting with a nine units, ZVI transformed the 100 year old masonry building into a twelve unit luxury apartment rental. We gutted the building, underpinned the exterior perimeter, excavated the basement to create ceiling height and allow for basement units. ZVI value engineered the complex structural portion, performed a historical renovation of unique building features, and performed layout optimization. The Energy Star rated property contains premium finishes and carpentry. 



historical exterior, contemporary interior


This spectacular, cutting-edge student housing facility, formerly the historic Royal Waterloo Hospital for Women and Children, is the result of ZVI's 55,000 SF gut renovation. ZVI is responsible for all aspects of this build-and-design project. From restoration of the authentic facade, intricate interior decor, and original elevators, to installation of modern en-suite kitchen and bathrooms and state of the art amenities, ZVI created a living facility that appeals to modern students while simultaneously maintaining the property's historical extravagance. The Waterloo residence now houses students from the University of Notre Dame.



from NYC to London with Love


Byron Court, a 5-story, 57,000 square foot structure overlooking Mecklenburgh Square in Bloomsbury, was custom renovated by ZVI for New York University. The property is within access of public transportation, the universities, diverse entertainment options, and shopping centers. Byron Court is now a state-of-the-art complex capable of housing 230 students. With en-suite bathrooms, kitchens, living and dining areas, 24/7 security, laundry facilities with on-line reservation systems, multiple common areas, and a 200 seat modern classroom, convenience and comfort are combined to create an ideal student residence.



Boston University premier student housing


Located in prestigious Kensington, this former budget hotel was transformed into a premier modern student housing facility. The project included restoration of the historic facade and mansard roofing system along with installation of state-of-the-art computer rooms, classrooms and modern living quarters. From site selection to finishes, ZVI is responsible for all aspects of the development process at Courtfield Gardens.



former potter factory, current residence


This 158 bed residential building will set a new standard for student accommodation in Sydney and across Australia.  The building is located in dynamic Camperdown opposite a tranquil park, just ten minutes from the heart of Sydney. With its close proximity to both University of Sydney and University of Technology, this architecturally renewed, heritage building is appointed with quality fixtures and finishes which provide the ideal environment for both study and recreation.  With both studio and four bedroom apartments available in various configurations, ZVI performed another renovation &restoration on a property of architectural and historical significance transforming this former pottery manufacturing plant into a state of the art student housing facility.