modern technology & historic fabric


The largest single component of this historic interior restoration project was the installation of a full sprinkler system.  The new system was cleverly installed throughout almost every nook and cranny of the building, hiding the piping as much as possible, all while meeting fire department requirements.  In some instances, the installers had to crawl through holes smaller than 18 inches square to access locations in the attic which had not held a person in over 85 years.  The project was performed under the supervision of the MAAB, the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission (affiliated with the Massachusetts Historical Society), and the building is one of America’s Historic Treasures.

We find it appropriate to quote the Executive Director of the Boston Center for Jewish Heritage, Steven Greenberg, who said in a recent publication that ZVI successfully “integrated modern technology while respecting and preserving the integrity of the historic fabric of the Vilna Shul”