From Sydney, to London, to Boston, ZVI constructs student housing and academic facilities. 


varied and extensive construction


ZVI Construction has been partnering with Brandeis University for the past 4 years across 12 different projects many of which have been constructed in occupied facilities. Most recently, ZVI Construction was awarded the roof replacement of the Campus Athletic Center. This project will be completed in 8 weeks and included over 200,000 square feet of both EPDM and liquid applied roofing systems.



expanded & customized classrooms


ZVI Construction has been partnering with The Fessenden School for over 15 years. In the 2018-2019 academic year, we completed 11 projects on the campus that ranged from the renovation of a bowling alley to the complete refurbishing of (2) staff homes.  All of these projects are on a design build basis where ZVI Construction takes the role of program manager and assists Fessenden in their long-term, campus wide improvements.