We have extensive experience customizing commercial spaces. We strive to make each work environment functional and aesthetically enjoyable.


extensive utility upgrades


ZVI’s Partnership with Boston University’s Facilities Department is ongoing and flourishing. This Project was predominantly an HVAC Controls upgrade to the Agganis Arena and Boston University Recreation Center that included over 1300 HVAC terminal boxes, new 30 ton RTU VFDs, glycol system improvements, new graphics and advanced BMS integration.

This was the largest utility assisted project in 2018-2019 and was completed in fully occupied spaces. BU has embarked upon and will continue with their energy conservation initiatives.



historical renovation


The largest single component of the first historic interior restoration project was the installation of a full sprinkler system. The new system was cleverly installed throughout almost every nook and cranny of the building, hiding the piping as much as possible, all while meeting fire department requirements. In some instances, the installers had to crawl through holes smaller than 18 square inches to access locations in the attic, which had not held a person in over 85 years. The project was performed under the supervision of the MAAB, the Beacon Hill Architectural Commission (affiliated with the Massachusetts Historical Society), and the building is one of America’s Historic Treasures.

ZVI has again partnered with the Vilna Shul to undertake the $2,500,000 historical renovation of the building. We are currently excavating the existing basement to convert it to an office / meeting room for community use. The work involves under-pinning, a geotechnical survey & monitoring, historical renovations, new MEP systems inclusive of a new fire alarm and fire protection. This Project is on- budget and on-schedule in the heart of Beacon Hill.